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Tart Magazine Issue One

Tart Magazine

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Issue One

Tart is about moody food: what you ate on your first date, the buffet at the wake after your grandmother’s funeral, the Barbie ice cream cake you begged for at your sixth birthday party, the surprise of popping mustard seeds, the smell of sizzling onion, the crack of a cookbook spine, the feel of paneer you made in the sink at home, the eavesdropped aroma of a neighbour’s smoking barbecue drifting over your fence or the bravery of eating mushrooms you’ve foraged and hoping they’re not poisonous.

Issue One contains a meditation on cooking for one during lockdown. Murmurings about a midnight feast in a body that doesn't always feel like home. Discussions of diversity in food media between two Asian-Australian writers. Flavouring the uncanny in narrative-based paintings. The scents and sounds of a Lebanon inflected by longing. A manifesto for community restaurants as places of healing. The poetry of staff meals in a lawless commercial kitchen. A literature of the delicious. Changing the face of farming. Indexing edible flowers. More than thirty recipes.

200+ pages 

Tart is a magazine of interviews, essays, fiction, poetry, playlists, photography, art, and recipes - all sewn together by the sinew of food. Its insides evoke everything that comes to mind when we are gathered around food: memories, emotions, sensations, occasions, rituals, and habits. Food is always a character, whether main or supporting, and Tart is filled with juicy stories of its many lives.

Tart Magazine is founded and printed in Naarm Melbourne by Studio Sasha, a creative practice producing branding, copywriting, graphic design, publishing and editorial.