Daily Good offers a thoughtfully curated selection of daily essentials and gifts from brands, artisans and creatives making things that are good for people and the planet.

Our products align with one or more of our core values

Our Values


Goods have been made from materials that can be replenished at the rate they’re consumed, such as FSC accredited wood, bamboo and wool. These materials have minimal to no detrimental environmental impact, and production can continue for a long time.


Goods produced by artisans and brands that are open, honest and clear about their business operations, material sources, supply chain and manufacturing.

Ethically Made

Goods made by businesses that pay a fair living wage, without child labour, in a safe working environment. Buying ethically made goods supports a fairer, kinder supply chain.


Goods made by hand by skilled artisans. Each item is unique, with small irregularities. Buying a handcrafted item, you’re not only supporting the maker, but the continuation of the craft they practice.

Locally Made

Goods designed and made in Australia and New Zealand. Buying locally made products supports local business, the community and the economy. Buying local also means a smaller carbon footprint, which is kinder on our environment.


Goods made with natural fibres and naturally occurring materials, and without the use of chemicals and synthetics. By buying kind goods, you’re avoiding contributing to chemical, plastic and micro plastic pollution, which is kinder for your health and the health of the environment.