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Companion celebrates diversity in an international context of ongoing politicised debate regarding refugee quotas & the economic impact of migrants. Meaningful employment is a crucial component for integration & contribution. Likewise, creating is a catalyst for connection – a required antidote in the face of increasingly divisive propaganda. So, skills carried on migration dictate this collaborative practice. 

Contemporary design outcomes are explored via collisions of traditions; resulting cohesive forms bringing attention to the beauty in heterogeneous societies. Much made is 100% unique – with marks of artisan’s hands & minds.

Slow Design principles are adhered to, considering environmental & social sustainability.

Companion are situated on the windy west coast of Aotearoa (New Zealand). With a hole in the ozone layer above their heads, their functional forms often come with under-chin ties & include brim breadths ranging from brief to extra broad. Here, hats are essential.

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