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Ceramic Incense Holder - Light

Ceramic Incense Holder - Light


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This handmade incense holder is made from local clay from Victoria as part of Common's Sun Path Collection; A collection that invites us to seek moments of silence. To centre ourselves, to reflect and to find new clarity.

Hand thrown, each piece is unique in form and finish.

Dishwasher safe / Hand wash preferable. 

Approximately 12.5cm in diameter; an ideal surface area to catch falling ash.

*Incense holder resembles image 2; it is cool and ashy in colour.


Commons makes thoughtful, functional ware. The kind of ware you bring to a table – where bread is broken, thoughts and perspectives shared. Where we nurture and nourish. Where we give and receive.

Commons takes a minimal approach to simple pleasures, to everyday needs. A maker for those of us who welcome slow living objects into our homes. For those who appreciate quiet attention to detail, and quality that will stand the test of time.

Every piece is crafted with this in mind.

Commons, in good company.

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