• HOWL Issue 01
  • HOWL Issue 01

HOWL Issue 01


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In HOWL Issue 01:

Sondrine Kehoe chats alchemy, midwifery and time. Ashe Davenport shares a story about a stranger. Lauren Cassar talks nature, nurture and survival mode. Aimee Aroha roars about the cult(ure) of mother as martyr. Bobby Clark is no-holds-barred about privilege and community. Rose Louey writes a love letter to morning motions. Yumi Takahashi shares her reckoning with multicultural Australia. Natalie Kon-yu frankly discusses pregnancy and caregiving. Rachel Charge pens an ode to 90s screen witches. Hannah Debus soothes with personal prose…

& so much more, across 160 pages that aim to capture questions, complexities and truths that challenge the societal prescription of what an artist, creative-thinker and mother should be.

Featuring photo editorials by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd.




HOWL is a bi-annual print magazine featuring artwork, interviews and stories that capture the complexities of creative motherhood.

A publication to challenge the assumption that anything said, made or shared relating to the experience of mothering is pedestrian, uninteresting or trite. HOWL posits that this mutual experience is worth weaving into the fabric of art, culture, literature and design.

HOWL is created in Victoria, Australia, on Bunurong Land by Haylee Collins — a mother, writer, marketer and publisher with over a decade experience across magazines, books and digital publishing.