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Aotea Skincare Pack


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Aotea's Therapeutic Skincare Pack Contains:

1 x Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream 60ml

A 100% Natural Nourishing Night Cream

The key tenant in our rejuvenating night cream is the Harakeke seed (flaxseed). Harakeke seeds are rich in Omega 3 and 6 which make it super nourishing for the skin. Omega 3 in particular plays a crucial role in cell rejuvenation and restoration. All of the ingredients in this night cream are 100% natural to the point that it is actually edible. The Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream will do its thing while you sleep, making your skin all the better for it in the morning

1 x Mānuka Honey Day Cream 60ml

A 100% Natural Moisturising Cream

What we put on our skin is ultimately absorbed into our body, which is why Aotea make their face cream with the most natural and simple restorative ingredients. Aotea are also big believers in the native flora of their country; the anti-inflammatory Kawakawa leaf and the anti-bacterial & super active Mānuka honey are significant ingredients in this face cream, which leaves your skin super clean blemish free and feeling fresh.

1 x 500+ Active Mānuka Mask 60g

A Cleansing And Hydrating Face Mask

This active Mānuka mask contains 500+ MGO Mānuka Honey, which is deeply restorative to the skin. High-strength MGO Mānuka Honey promotes cellular regeneration and reduces inflammation, making skin feel smooth and hydrated. To further this, pure Mānuka oil is added to help clean the skin and kill bacteria. This mask is not only extremely hydrating, but also deeply cleansing.


Aotea products are proudly made by hand on Aotea (Great Barrier Island, NZ), with native ingredients sustainably sourced from the land.